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Company Background

Maslaha Seeds Limited is a limited Liability Company engaged in large scale production of parental seeds of the assorted cultivars and hybrids, regular conduct of laboratory research in crop sees behavior ad the production of certified seeds. it is an independent, separate legal entity that grew out of Maslaha Farms Limited.

The promoter of the two Companies, Senator Saidu Muhammad Dansadau, has been in large scale farming since 1977 with focus on the establish of Agricultural Farms and Marketing of agricultural produce. his experience over the years in the agricultural sector has made him become acquinted with the problems of the Nigerian farmers and farming opportunity.

Giving the wide experience of our Chief Promoter in Farming, we have analyzed and reached a conclusion that one of the principal reasons for the degeneration in quality of certified seeds is the rather uncharted reliance on seed out growers by seed companies in the production of seeds, and the attendant loose supervision and lack of strict monitoring (which must be exerted) to achieved high quality. to eschew this problem, right from inception, Maslaha Seeds Limited employed highly experience seed Production Staff. in fact, our Production Director has over 36 Years working experience from IITA, the National Seed Service, and Premier Seeds Company. Our Staff are sufficiently Motivated.

In our First Year of Production (the 2006 Cropping Season) 90% of our Seeds were directly produced. Subsequently, as a matter of corporate Company policy, we plan to produce 50% of our Annual seeds Target by direct production.

  • Be a world Class Seeds Company that will Stand the test of time through ensuring Quality control and sustaining farmers’ confidence
  • Make our Seed varieties comparable to international standard and specifications.
  • Grow along with our stakeholders through effective collaborate
  • Provide farmers, Agricultural Concerns and institutions with certified and foundation Seeds of assured quality attributes for optimum yield.
  • Sustain the production of genetically pure crop seeds with high germinating ability that can facilitate and enhance agricultural production and attract more farmers and entrepreneurs into farming industries.
  • Ensures quality of our seeds varieties through effective value engineering and analysis